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Sheldon is the latest member to join our family, he started at the shop in 2018 and began tattooing in 2014 as a self taught artist. His art was influenced by graphics in the skateboard community that influenced him as a young adult and propelled him towards a career in tattooing.

Sheldon is extremely dedicated to his craft and finds a connection to every single tattoo he does - from a simple walk to a half sleeve Sheldon is present with all his clients. He leans more towards a black and grey aesthetic and excels at detailed linework/dotwork while still developing his own ‘blackwork’ style. He has grown personally and professionally in such a small time, and we are so grateful to have him at Soul Survivors.

*This email is for existing appointments only. Please call the studio at
(204) 284-1173 for all general inquiries. Thank you.