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Soul Survivors Body Art opened its doors in 2001 but really began years prior as an inspiration of entrepreneur Eric Johanson. Eric had already been in the body modification industry for over ten years, and had known early on that opening up his own studio would allow him to curate a space of his own design. 

Driven by purpose, the universe conspired to support him in opening his own business in the unique and progressive energy of Osborne Village in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The amount of work, leadership, and sacrifice that was required was accomplished without loans, family support, or professional guidance. 

A true visionary in his field, Eric created a space that has quickly become a world class tattoo studio. Our space has become adorned with original art from tattooists, and premier artists, showcasing museum quality pieces -some of which can even be dated to 1000 B.C.  With over 25 years in the industry, Soul Survivors has become recognized for leading the way in public health and safety, developing industry standard health and sterilization practices. 

Our vision is to make sure every single client feels confident and empowered in their choices to get pierced and tattooed, and we strive to achieve this vision every single day.

With one location and a team of 10, and a focus on personal and professional development, Soul Survivors continues to grow and evolve as a family, and in our local community.